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Different Types of Print Techniques Used For Graphics

There are a range of different print techniques used when creating designs, from screen print to heat transfer. But what are they and when should you use them in a design? Below we have rounded up 3 of the most popular options.

Screen Print

We love screen printing, it is where the different colours in the print are on different mesh screens, and then dye in pushed through the open areas. There is a screen per colour, so the more colours in a print means that there are more screens, resulting in a more expensive garment. This can be pantone colour matched, and you can have various inks depending on your desired result. This is usually for more of a vector based graphic.

Digital Print

Digital printing is a newer process than screen printing, and this involves your graphic going through a computer then printed directly onto the fabric. This is primarily used for photo-based graphics.

Sublimation Print

When you are using sublimation prints, the graphic or pattern is printed onto transfer paper, and then printed, using a heat press, on top of the fabric. This is a great option for all over prints. However, it is limited, as you can only use this on 100% polyester fabric, but it is relatively cheap compared to other printing options.

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