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What Is A Tech Pack & Why Do I Need One?

Tech Packs, Technical Sheets, Technical Specifications, Spec Sheets, Specification Sheet. Whatever you want to call it, here at Aydo Creative we really love them. Tech packs come at the end of the design process - after the design is finalised.

But, what exactly is a Tech Pack?

Each designer or brand may have a different way to create their tech packs, but we’re just going to talk about our tech packs. They are something that has all the details of the design on, including:

- CAD drawing of the design showing the construction of the garment.

- Colourways (typically including pantone colours)

- Artwork, including logos, prints.

- Fabric information

- Stitching information

- Any other information that the factory may need.

- What sizes are needed

Okay… so why do I need a tech pack?

We’ve created tech packs for numerous brands. Some brands and factories don’t require tech packs, and that’s totally cool, but in our experience, avoiding paying for a tech pack means that more money is spent later on down the line, trying to perfect the samples, when this could have been done much quicker and cheaper with the help of a tech pack. The two main reasons to invest in tech packs are:

- They save so much time and money. With a detailed tech pack, you are going to spend less time communicating with the manufacturer, letting them know what you are after, less time commenting on incorrect samples, therefore less money spent on sampling.

- It helps you know the cost of the garment before sampling. The manufacturer will use the tech pack to determine the cost per unit of the design, and also let them know how long it will take to make this.

Can I get away with no tech pack if I am on a tight budget?

Short answer, yes. If you are happy to take products that already exist and customise these, then you probably won’t need a tech pack. Many manufacturers already have their own catalogue of styles, and you can choose from these and make limited changes to them to fit your collection. Some brands may also just send photos and try and describe what they are after to the manufacturer. I wouldn’t recommend this, but hey, you do you.

Get in touch today if you want us to create you a custom tech pack for your design, all factory ready.

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