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What Is The Design Process?

Each designer or brand you come across may all have a different design process in place, but all of them achieving the same end result: A collection that is planned, consistent and reflective of the trends or the brands image. We will take you through our typical design process when we are given the task of designing a fabulous new collection for a brand.

We always chat to the client about the brand. This could range from what their brand image is, who their competitors are, where they want to take the brand, and inspiration they already have for the collection and from this we dive into the world of research to produce a tailor-made trend mood-board for the brand.

The mood-board may include seasonal trends, or market research trends based on the demographic and target market for your brand.

After considering the mood-board, we work together with the brand to narrow down the ideas for the collection. We may discuss fabrics and trims at this point or we could leave this to be discovered in the design process. We can let you know what fabric is best, what trims may or may not work, and what is the right print technique for a particular design.

We design numerous styles based on our conversations, and sometimes we get carried away with ourselves - adding more initial designs that we originally planned - we can’t help it! We are constantly collaborating with you, checking in and seeing your comments, which will allow us to settle on a final design. Along the way, your ideas may change, and that’s totally cool.

Then comes the tech packs. We LOVE creating these. These have all the details of the tech pack that the factory needs to know to create the sample. The more details the better, and we go hard on the details. Check out our previous post to learn more about the Tech Packs.

If you are interested in booking in with us to discuss your next collection, email anna:

anna@aydocreative.com, or contact us here.

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